ReelCycle Partners with Ocean Aid 360 for Crab Trap Rodeo

TAMPA BAY, FL, October 27, 2018 — As for an innovative six-event marine debris cleanup tournament called the Ghost Trap Rodeo Event Series, ReelCycle has partnered with Ocean Aid 360 to properly dispose of the crab traps collected during the clean ups.

The Ghost Trap Rodeo Six-Event Series is a collaboration between Ocean Aid 360, Coastal Conservation Association, NOAA, and the Bay-area’s best marine conservation agencies, intended to mobilize the area’s shallow water anglers who will draw on their intimate knowledge of the fishery, as they spend a ½ day detecting and removing Ghost Traps and other forms of marine litter. At the end of the four-hour search, volunteers participate in a “weigh-in” of their debris and top collectors win industry sponsored prizes.

The name ‘Ghost Trap’ refers to abandoned crab traps, which number more than 10,000 in Tampa Bay waters, and have become lost (such as when a trap buoy is ripped off during hurricane wave action) or abandoned to continue “Ghost Fishing” unchecked by any fisherman. These Ghost Traps kill thousands of pounds of commercial-grade crabs and fish, negatively impact the recreational fishery and estuary habitat (the nursery for marine life), and are a serious hazard for boaters.

Upcoming Ghost Trap (and Marine Debris) Rodeo Event Series Dates (10am – 2pm):

● October 27 – Ft. De Soto                                                    ● January 19 - Little Manatee River

● November 24 - Manatee River                                           ● February 17 - Weedon Island

● December 15 - Boca Ciega Bay                                         ● March 23 - Alafia River